Tenement and Tenure Services

Services provided by TAS in performing tenement management for clients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Monitoring and surveillance of ground available for acquisition
  • Marking out, preparation and lodgement of applications for all types of mining and exploration tenements in Australia, including:
  • Application forms
  • Requisite maps
  • Pro forma exploration programmes
  • Advertising
  • Notification of landowners, landholders, councils and aboriginal bodies
  • Coordination of aboriginal requirements through to grant of the tenement
  • Identification of background land tenure, including tenements, land descriptions, property owners and archival research, and
  • Comprehensive notifications to client of matters arising and completed during the month, or a shorter agreed period, including identification of issues or problems requiring resolution or decision

Compilation and provision of accurate:

  • Tenement lists
  • Bond lists, and
  • Historical expenditure and exemption reports for individual tenements or whole projects for clients on a regular basis or as required for informed management decision making

Preparation and timely lodgement of:

  • The Land Access Code provisions – (QLD), including Notice of Entry requirements and Notice of Intention to Negotiate
  • Routine statutory returns, renewals and relinquishment documents
  • Payment of rent
  • Annual technical and/or environmental reporting
  • Local government rates, and
  • Applications for Variation/Exemption from expenditure or compulsory partial surrender provisions, with minimal client disruption

Compilation and management of routine and complex requirements:

  • Rent
  • Form 5/Expenditure Reports
  • Applications for Exemption
  • Annual technical and/or environmental reporting
  • Local government rates
  • Application for relief from compulsory partial surrender
  • Facilitating compilation and management of Applications for Exemption from Expenditure submission with minimal client disruption.
  • Compilation and lodgement of routine and statutory returns, renewals and relinquishment documents
  • Research and preparation of documentation to assist in defence of Warden’s Court plaints
  • Appearance at Warden’s Court Mentions and administrative hearings
  • JV and farm-in/farm-out agreement monitoring and management
  • Preparation and lodgement of caveat, transfers, bonds, securities and all other dealings as required
  • Tenement due diligence, title verification and analysis
  • VALMIN tenement reports for prospectuses, capital raising and takeovers
  • Legislation and policy advice
  • Forensic research, and
  • Landowner negotiation

TAS maintains a network of other professional service providers such as environmental scientists, engineers, surveyors in Western Australia, surveyors in Queensland and legal firms.