TAS works closely with TAS Legal Pty Ltd, which is an incorporated legal practice and Brad Perry, specialist in community engagement.

TAS, in conjunction with TAS Legal (or TAS Legal, where briefed independently), has successfully negotiated and settled many different types of Compensation Agreements as follows:

  • Conduct and Compensation Agreements with Land Owners for exploration tenements;
  • Compensation Agreements with other persons, (for example, various Councils; Telstra Corporation Limited) for land the subject of either the grant or renewal of a Mining Lease.

TAS Legal has drafted precedent “pro forma” Conduct and Compensation Agreements for exploration tenements and is in the process of settling a pro –forma Compensation Agreement with respect to access and compensation claims/referrals to the Land Court of Queensland (“Land Court”) as a consequence of the grant or renewal of a Mining Lease.

In addition, we are well versed in other tasks associated with the settling of compensation and the finalisation of Compensation Agreements, including:

  • Lodgement of Compensation Agreements with the Office of State Revenue (and making successful urgent applications in relation to urgent assessment and stamping of such agreements);
  • Lodgement of stamped Compensation Agreements with the relevant Mining Registrar, and (where necessary), liaising with the Land Court in relation to finalisation of outstanding Land Court proceedings;
  • Liaising with the relevant Mining Registrar of the relevant Mining District, in connection with the referral of matters to the Land Court.

Brad Perry has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, specialising in relationship building, land access facilitation, stakeholder engagement, industry and community consultation, project management, dispute resolution, mediation, marketing, media, client service delivery, information and educational resource development and information technology.

As a relationship management, land access, community consultation and engagement specialist, he has worked with all levels of government, a diverse range of industry sectors, ethnic, indigenous and special needs groups, landholders, rural and regional communities.

He was the stakeholder and engagement manager for one of Australia’s largest linear projects - the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project which impacted on thousands of landholders, communities and 4 regional councils in south east Queensland. At its peak, the project had 57 work fronts across a 210km pipeline alignment.

Brad’s enthusiasm for the task at hand and focus on accountability has gained him respect and trust from community, industry and government. His capacity to engage with a diverse range of stakeholder entities large and small, build relationships and create innovative processes to keep them engaged, is unique.

Brad’s expertise includes mediation and negotiation, project management (to which he brings a particularly strategic focus) and the capacity to relate to, and facilitate outcomes with, an extraordinarily diverse group of people.