Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

QM 5.02 - Job Descriptions

** These are currently in Draft form and work in progress. For any interim questions, please contact the CEO. **

QM 5.02.A   CEO and Managing Director

QM 5.02.B   Quality Manager

QM 5.02.C   Internal Auditor

QM 5.02.D   Office Manager

QM 5.02.E   Accounts / Personnel Manager

QM 5.02.F   Manager Administration

QM 5.02.G   NSW Regional Office Manager

QM 5.02.H   Senior Mining Tenement Manager

QM 5.02.I   Senior Tenement Manager

QM 5.02.J   Mining Tenement Manager

To view the Company's Organisation Chart, please refer to Section QM 3.01 of the Quality Manual.