QM 1.02 - QAMS Database and Version Control Reports

The following reports are generated from the QAMS Database: 'TAS_QA_DATABASE' (stored on the TAS Brisbane Office's secure shared network drive) and these reports are periodically saved as PDF to upload to this TAS intranet secure page, for information and transparency for all TAS Staff.

The database tracks and stores draft documents in discussion with relevant parties, version control, documents awaiting approval from the Management Team, superseded or obsolete documents for history, current published documents on the intranet as well as management of the overall nomenclature.

The following published reports below are current as at the date and time printed at the top right corner of the particular report. 

Any reports printed or copied are considered forever the property of and "Copyright" Tenement Administration Services Pty Ltd.

For any enquiries on these reports please contact the CEO or the Quality Manager.

QAMS Actions and Reminders for ALL TAS

QAR0101B - QAMS Actions and Reminders

QAMS Database List Reports

         QA Manual Sections List

         QA Procedures List

         QA Work Instructions List 

         QA Forms List 

         QA Records List 

 QAMS Current Versions Published on TAS' Intranet

         Published QA Manual Sections

         All published QA Procedures

         All published QA Work Instructions 

         All published QA Forms 

         All published QA Records 

QAMS Documentation Version Control Reports

         QA Manual Sections Version Control

         QA Procedures Version Control

         QA Work Instructions Version Control 

         QA Forms Version Control 

         QA Records Version Control