Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

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QA Records (QAR)

PROCEDURE: QAP0101 Quality System Review

PROCEDURE: QAP0301 Sales enquiry, proposals and client ordering processing

    • QAR0301A - Client Approaches Pending/Unsuccessful Register (Work in Progress - not yet published - should this be kept in Perth Office?)

PROCEDURE: QAP0601 Supplier and Subcontractor Assessment

    • QAR0601A - Approved Supplier and Subcontractor List (Content to be completed)

    • QAR0601B - Supplier / Sub-Contractor Performance Records Register 

PROCEDURE: QAP1301 Control of non-conforming product

    • QAR1301A - Register of System Disruption Reports

 PROCEDURE: QAP1601 Quality Records

    • QAR1601A - Records Control Register (To be completed)

 PROCEDURE: QAP1701 Internal quality audits

    • QAR1701A - Internal Audit Report Register

    • QAR1701B - Internal Audit Plan

    • QAR1701C - Corrective Action Review Date Report

 PROCEDURE: QAP1801 Personnel Training

    • QAR1801A - Training and Skills Analysis Register

    • QAR1801B - List of Emergency Wardens and First Aid Officers (DRAFT)

    • QAR1801C - Personnel Responsible for QA Procedures (DRAFT)


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