Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

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  • QAW0911AA   Accounts - Enquiries

  • QAW0911AB   Writing Cheques

  • QAW0911AC   Accounts - Invoices Payable

  • QAW0911AD   Accounts - Invoices Receivable

  • QAW0911AE   Accounts - Reports - Profit and Loss (Monthly Standard)

  • QAW0911AF   Accounts - Credit Card usage

Petty Cash

  • QAW0911AG   Petty Cash

    • QAF0911E   Petty Cash Reconciliation Template (^MS, see below)

    • QAF0911F   Petty Cash Vouchers Template (^MS, see below)

Mail / Postage / Registered Post ("Evidence Management")

  • QAW0911BA   Incoming Mail, Outgoing Mail and Mail Register (INCOMPLETE. To be completed for other TAS offices.)

  • QAW0911BB   Lodgement of Registered Post

Filing ("Evidence Managment")

  • QAW0911FA   Filing - General

  • QAW0911FB   Filing - Electronic

  • QAW0911FC    Filing - Compactus (INCOMPLETE. To be completed for other TAS offices.)

  • QAW0911FD    Filing - Archiving (INCOMPLETE. To be completed for other TAS offices.)

  • QAW0911FE    Filing - Original Permit Documents (INCOMPLETE. To be completed for other TAS offices.)

Timer File / Billing

  • QAW0911O     Quickbooks ProTimer Guide

    • QAF0911K    Quickbooks TimerFile Charge Sheet 


  • QAW0911P  Procurement

Stationery, Logos and Electronic Signatures

  • QAW0911SA  Stationery Orders

    • QAF0911A   TAS MS Word Template - TAS Letterhead (^MS, see below)

    • QAF0911B   TAS MS Word Template - With Compliments slips (^MS, see below)

    • QAF0911C   Company Logos and Electronic Signature Format (^MS, see below)

Trust Account

  • QAW0911TA   Trust Account - TAS internal Daily and Month End Instructions

  • QAW0911TB   Trust Account - Client Monthly Reports

  • QAW0911TC   Trust Account - Client enquiries


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