Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

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QAP0907 - Process Control - Tenements - SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Click here for the old TABLE OF CONTENTS (DATED 24/01/2001-superseded)


  • QAW0907A - Application for a Miner's Right

  • QAW0907B - Land Title Searches

  • QAW0907C - Notice of Entry

  • QAW0907D - Native Title Procedures / Requirements pursuant to the Mining Act 1971 and the Native Title (South Australia) Act 1994

  • QAW0907E - Applications for Exploration Licences in South Australia

  • QAW0907F - Extension of Term

  • QAW0907G - Exploration Licence Reporting Requirements

  • QAW0907H - Tenement Administration Services Policy Re Pegging / Surveys

  • QAW0907I - Application for a Mineral Claim

  • QAW0907J - Exempt Land

  • QAW0907K - Notice of Use of Declared Equipment

  • QAW0907L - Application for a Mining Lease

  • QAW0907M - Application for a Retention Licence

  • QAW0907N - Application for a Miscellaneous Purposes Licence

  • QAW0907O - Renewal of Mining Tenements

  • QAW0907P - Bonds / Security on Mining Tenements

  • QAW0907Q - Caveat Against a Mining Tenement

  • QAW0907R - Application to Transfer

  • QAW0907S - Partial Surrenders

  • QAW0907T - Surrenders

  • QAW0907U - Rental Payments

  • QAW0907V - Withdrawals

  • QAW0907W - Procedure for Landholders and Mineral Explorers in South Australia

  • QAW0907X - Statement of Environmental Objectives for Mineral Exploration in South Australia

  • QAW0907Y - Stamp Duty

  • QAW0907Z - Wardens's Court Actions

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  • Any old PDF's of Forms (previous QA of TAS) for South Australia will not be loaded onto this intranet as it is envisaged that hyperlinks to the appropriate online forms from the relevant Department or Authority will be included within the upcoming updated Work Instructions above.

  • For information: There were no in-house TAS designed Forms for South Australia (e.g. TAS Cover Letters) included in the previous QA. All forms were Departmental examples.