Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

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QAP0903 - Process Control - Tenements - VICTORIA

Click here for the old TABLE OF CONTENTS (DATED 24/01/2001)


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QA FORMS (For reference only)

The old PDF's of Forms below (previous QA of TAS) for Victoria have been loaded onto this intranet for information during this initial online implementation. It is envisaged that hyperlinks to the appropriate online forms from the relevant Department or Authority will be included within the upcoming updated Work Instructions above.

Some of the old forms below, however, were templates designed in-house for TAS (e.g. Cover Letters).

Some below forms will then be updated to 'obsolete' or 'superseded' within the QA Database and removed from this TAS intranet page.

  • QAF0903A - Appointment of Agent

  • QAF0903B - Agreement as to Compensation for Access

  • QAF0903C - Compensation Agreement for Mineral Exploration (External form - example attached)

  • QAF0903D - Rehabilitation Bond

  • QAF0903E - Exploration Licence Application form (External form - example attached)

  • QAF0903F - Statutory Declaration

  • QAF0903G - Application for surrender of Exploration Licence

  • QAF0903H - Work Plan

  • QAF0903I - Transfer

  • QAF0903J - Notice of Application

  • QAF0903K - Application for Exploration Licence Cover Letter

  • QAF0903L - Notice of Application for an Exploration Licence

  • QAF0903M - Application for Renewal of Exploration Licence

  • QAF0903N - Notice of Application for Renewal of Exploration Licence

  • QAF0903O - Schedule 15 - Records and Returns - Exploration Licences

  • QAF0903P - Form 17 - Notice of Referral

  • QAF0903Q - Letter re variation to work plan

  • QAF0903R - Mining Licence Application (External Form - Example Attached)

  • QAF0903S - Application for Renewal of Exploration Licence Cover Letter

  • QAF0903T - Schedule 15 Cover Letter

  • QAF0903U - Annual Technical Report Cover Letter

  • QAF0903V - Transfer Application