Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

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QAP0902 - Process Control - Tenements - QUEENSLAND


  • QAW0902A     TAS responsibilities with respect to its clients in QLD (DRAFT)

    • QAF0902A  Appointment of Agent Template  (^MS, see below)

  • QAW0902B     Authorisation to act on behalf of a client (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902C     Monthly Reports to clients (DRAFT)

    • QAF0900A   Client Monthly Report Template  (^MS, see below)

Native Title (NT)

Prospecting Permits (PP)

  • QAW0902EA   Prospecting Permits - General (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902EB   Prospecting Permits - Application (DRAFT)

Mining Claims (MC)

  • QAW0902FA   Mining Claims - General (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902FB   Mining Claims - Application

Exploration Permits (EPM, EPC)

  • QAW0902GA   Exploration Permits - General (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902GB   Exploration Permits - Application (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902GC   Exploration Permits - Environmental

  • QAW0902GD   Exploration Permits - Renewal

  • QAW0902GE   Exploration Permits - Lodgement of Reports

  • QAW0902GF   Exploration Permits - Transfer (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902GG   Exploration Permits - Return of Security

  • QAW0902GH   Exploration Permits - Variation

  • QAW0902GI     Exploration Permits - Surrender - Abandonment (DRAFT)

Mineral Development Licence (MDL)

  • QAW0902HA   Mineral Development Licence - General

Mining Lease (ML)

  • QAW0902IA   Mining Lease - General (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902IB   Mining Lease - Application

  • QAW0902IC   Mining Lease - Security Details

  • QAW0902ID   Mining Lease - Rates payable

Land Access (NOE, NOI)

  • QAW0902JA   Land Access - General

  • QAW0902JB   Land Access - Notice of Entry for EP or MDL (NOE) (DRAFT)

  • QAW0902JC   Land Access - Notice of Intention to Negotiate (NOI)

Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)

  • QAW0902KA   DNRM - Policies impacting on Tenement Administration QLD

  • QAW0902KB   DNRM - Fees and Charges

  • QAW0902KC   DNRM - Lodgement of documents

  • QAW0902KD   DNRM - Public Enquiry Reports (DRAFT)

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP)

  • QAW0902LA   DEHP - General

Office of State Revenue (OSR)

  • QAW0902MA   OSR - General

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