Jenny Johnson

Jenny Johnson

Policy and Planning Manager

Jenny, an archaeologist by training started her career in the mining and exploration industry 14 years ago and has since that time been involved in the field of Tenure Management.

Jenny commenced her role as Policy and Planning Manager of TAS Queensland in late 2011 and relocated to the Perth office in 2013. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the field of Mineral Tenure and Environmental Management.

She has worked extensively in the Minerals Industry and is experienced in all aspects of Mineral Tenure Management, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Having worked in a consulting environment and in a mining environment gives Jenny great insight into the needs of clients and enables her to provide exceptional service. A brief summary of her tenement management experience includes:

  • Facilitation and Management of Native Title processes including:
    • contract management with existing clients;
    • preparation of agreements between parties;
    • attending National Native Title Tribunal status updates and listing hearings;
    • negotiating contract terms and particulars; and
    • liaising with key stakeholders such as the Native Title Representative Bodies, Department of Mines and Petroleum and Department Of Indigenous Affairs
  • Technical review of reports and documentation for Extension of Term submissions.
  • Review of annual Minex and Combined Reports
  • Assisting clients with processes and reporting requirements associated with the recently enacted Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act
  • Co-ordination of Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Scoping Studies and Environmental Management Plans.
  • Co-ordination and compilation of Mining Work Programmes.
  • Managing consultants and co-ordination of Public Participation processes for mining.
  • Extensive liaison with the various Government Departments with respect to applications.
  • Coordinating and overseeing the development and implementation of Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Scoping Studies.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on Environmental Management Plans.
  • Presentations to various government bodies on compliance
  • ISO planning, implementation, design and roll out

Jenny has consulted to various companies in Australia and South Africa managing large tenement portfolios on their behalf. Jenny's extensive Tenure Management experience and in-depth knowledge of the mining and exploration industry are critical to the successful overall management of the TAS Tenement Team.

Jenny has lectured Geology Students at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg on the permitting processes required for mining and prospecting. She was on the founding committee of Women in Mining South Africa (WiMSA) and is a member of Women in Mining Western Australia (WIMWA).