Mathew Johannesen

Mathew Johannesen

Senior Tenement Manager

Mathew joined TAS in June of 2012 after 2 and a half years with DNRM in senior positions including that of Deputy Mining Registrar and Mining Registrar as well as managing the Expedited Procedure Process for Exploration in Queensland. His experience within the Department includes but is not limited to:

  • The analysis and processing of tenure applications and renewal applications for exploration tenures to determine availability of land and record all conditions and restrictions relating to the applications.
  • Liaison with the mining industry, Government bodies and related organisations and agencies in relation to exploration applications and renewals and recommend appropriate action.
  • Assisting in the provision of authoritative and timely advice and information including correspondence, reports and submissions to executive management, other Departmental staff, Government agencies and industry in relation to mineral exploration.
  • Liaison with other Regional and District staff and head office staff on land tenure, exploration and mining tenure and native title issues as required.
  • The interpretation and application of the provisions of the Mineral Resources Act 1989 and other relevant Acts and regulations necessary to provide efficient pre and post grant dealings administration for mining exploration tenures.
  • Process all dealings from pre-grant to termination for exploration permits.
  • Provide advice, recommendations and support on compliance with conditions for exploration permits.
  • Ensure effective service delivery through training & development of Tenure Management team, and administrative officers.

Since joining TAS, Matt has carried out a vast range of client services including senior tenement administrative tasks as well as providing advice to clients on various tenement legislative obligations.

Matt currently provides high quality client services for both Queensland and Northern Territory tenement management.