Karolina Centkowski

Senior Mining Tenement Manager

Karolina has joined the TAS team in April 2015. Previously, Karolina has managed a substantial tenement portfolio for exploration and mining across Queensland and the Northern Territory, and specialised in dealing with land and traditional owners, and overlapping tenure negotiations.

Karolina is a qualified geologist, and also holds a tertiary degree in Anthropology. She has several years’ experience working in senior positions within the Queensland Government, including the Native Title Division where she assessed development applications in relation to Native Title. As a tenement manager, she has successfully negotiated Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP’s), Cultural Heritage Agreements for exploration and engaged in On-Country meetings.

Karolina’s experience and qualifications allow her to prepare technical documentation including Annual Technical Reports, Partial Relinquishment Reports, Final Reports and documentation supporting the lodgement of exploration applications and mining applications such as Initial Development Plans (IDPs).

Karolina’s role at TAS offers the following range of client services:

  • Annual Technical Report writing and editing;
  • Tenement application preparation and lodgement;
  • Technical documentation preparation and lodgement, including variation to condition requests;
  • Arranging transfers and other tenement dealings;
  • Liaising with the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to effectively manage tenement issues;
  • Provide advice to clients regarding legislative and policy requirements for their tenement holdings; and
  • Support for clients to ensure their tenements are soundly and efficiently managed.