On 15 November 2011, Jay Evans-Wheeler, Lawyer and Principal Consultant at TAS Legal, gave a presentation to the Australian Institute of Geoscientists entitled “Recent Developments in Private Land Access for Explorers in Queensland” which was very well received by all who attended.

The presentation focused on strategies to deal with the pitfalls and unintended consequences of the new private land access regime introduced in Queensland on 01 September 2011. The new requirements effectively prohibit entry to private land for any loosely defined “advanced” activities, without the negotiation and signing of a compensation agreement between the explorer and the land owner, which has caused a great deal of delay to the completion of regional exploration programmes just before the onset of the Queensland wet season.

The presentation examined the correct structure of a compensation agreement, the timelines involved for dispute resolution, and “tips and tricks” to speed up the process without causing additional administrative burdens.

For copies of the slides, or to purchase a copy of the Model Compensation Agreement, please contact TAS Brisbane.