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The aim of this site is to create and have a secure avenue and centralised base for all TAS team members to share relevant updated legislative and internal information to the entire global TAS team to keep informed for our clients, and to streamline TAS' business processes, across the Company's locations.

All TAS team members are valued and a very important part of the overall achievement and success of Tenement Administration Services Pty Ltd. Your contribution, creative solutions, sharing of ideas, feedback and compliance are encouraged and appreciated.

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QAMS : Quality Assurance Management System

This online QAMS is in operation at Tenement Administration Services Pty Ltd (TAS) which has been implemented by TAS in accordance with its Quality Policy.


Staff News

A new 'Staff News' heading item can only be added by TAS staff with the profile of 'Admin' on the TAS internal website, although all TAS staff can post a reply/comment to any item if they would like. To request a new 'Staff News' heading item, please email the CEO or tasbris@landadmin.com.au for the new heading item to be launched.



This calendar is for use by all TAS Staff to add in general events, conferences, public holidays, annual leave, etc

(** THE CALENDAR IS CURRENTLY STILL IN DEVELOPMENT REGARDING EDITING OR DELETING EXISTING EVENTS **)  In the interim, if you require an event to be deleted or edited, please email tasbris@landadmin.com.au


Staff and Locations

This drop-down menu of the TAS internal website redirects you to the same pages as the TAS public website of TAS locations, contact details and team members. TAS has included this drop-down menu within the TAS internal website so that you do not have to LogOut of the TAS internal website in order to source these details.


Staff Suggestion Box

This is for use by all TAS staff team members to contribute ideas to management.

If the suggestion applies to any section or part of the QAMS or supporting documentation, please do not use this suggestion box and instead please refer to the Quality Assurance Procedure QAP1301 Control of Non-Conforming Product



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Forgotten password

Answer: Please follow the instructions on the WordPress login screen or please email tasbris@landadmin.com.au to have details emailed to the TAS staff team member. Please note that if an email is sent to tasbris, the request will be attended to as soon as practically possible by the custodian of the tasbris emailbox.

Q2: How do I know when I am in the internal website and not on the company's public landadmin.com.au website?

Answer: The top horizontal menu on the page will display a different set of menu selections: