“I just wanted to say thank you for TAS’s support this past year. Although I am sure that I must frustrate your staff (Jenny & Amanda in particular) from time to time with the many numerous questions I have and versions of different documents; the service TAS provides is excellent.

Amanda and Jenny are always at hand to help with whatever we have going on, and them both keeping an eye on our upcoming deadlines is a great assurance for me to have. The service they both provide is always professional often going above what is required with regards to the information and advice they both provide.

It is a pleasure to work with you all.

I’m sure next year will be just as tough with many more unexpected occurrences having to be dealt with and I look forward to working with you in 2015. So thank you for your work this last year, I would not have been able to do what I do without your support.

I hope you have a Great Christmas & New Year, please stay safe and enjoy the end of the year.”

Jonathan Streeter

Mine & Exploration Geologist for Edna May Gold Project, Evolution Mining Limited