“The Mining Amendment Act 2012 (WA) came into force on 02 February 2013, but there was a small sting in the tail for explorers and miners alike, which did not attract attention from most commentators.

TAS advises that, although the new Act provides for the electronic lodgement of Annual Technical reports in keeping up with the times, clients should be aware of the pitfall of “it’s ok, it can be lodged electronically”!

TAS advises that if a report is lodged at the last minute, even though it is genuinely lodged on time, if that electronic record is not for whatever reason not received at the DMP on the due date (for example, by internet disruption), the tenement will be liable for forfeiture for non-lodgement of a report, and the matter will only be bought to the client’s attention by letter from the DMP.

TAS advises clients to ensure they lodge their reports well within time, and are available to assist with the relevant record keeping required to avoid or counter this type of problem.”